BRIDG R90 Program

The R90 program provides two-three years of clinical research training specific to CIH for doctoral-level trained researchers (e.g.,PhD, MD, DrPH, DSW, etc.) at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. R90 participants are matched with experienced clinical and research mentors in the disciplines of CIH for immersive clinical clerkships, didactic courses in CIH, and didactic training in CIH clinical research topics. R90 participants are also required to design (Year 1) and implement (Years 2-3) a clinical research project that will provide preliminary data for future, larger clinical research grants and projects. T90 trainees and R90 participants also train with each other in quarterly retreats to foster mutual understanding, respect, and knowledge of trainees’ respective fields.

Highlights of the BRIDG Advanced Clinical CIH Research Curriculum: For T90 and R90 trainees

  • Overview of translational research
  • Translational research methods: Biomarker development, brain imaging, “omics”
  • Clinical epidemiology: analytical approaches, control selection, GWAS, existing data resources
  • Case reporting
  • Qualitative research
  • Placebo effects
  • CIH in vulnerable populations
  • Natural products research
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Behavioral research methods in CIH
  • Health services research in CIH

More details on eligibility requirements for each program can be found eligibility criteria page.

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