Erica Sharpe, PhD

Research Investigator & Bridge Program Fellow

Joining the Helfgott research team in 2017 from NY, Erica is fulfilling a personal mission to be involved in the furthering of natural medicine research. Trained as a chemist, musician and yogi, her passions lie in the study of lifestyle approaches for improved health and quality of life.

Erica completed her undergraduate degrees in chemistry, and music education from SUNY Potsdam. She then spent a year in India studying and learning to teach yoga. Upon her return, she completed her PhD in chemistry at Clarkson University, focusing on the development of a portable nanoparticle-based paper sensor for the detection of food antioxidants. She was motivated by the prospect of creating accessible, inexpensive and effective technology for use in analysis of natural products and foods. As an R90 fellow in the BRIDG program at NUNM, she is beginning her research with investigations in the areas of yoga and mycological antioxidants.

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