Examining Unda Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Helfgott’s Clinical Pilot Study of Unda Homeopathic Remedies for Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is an initial step in the first formal evaluation of the Unda system for homeopathic remedies as practiced by naturopathic physicians at NUNM and internationally. Unda remedies are a type of energetic medicine using diluted doses of substances to effect changes in the body and are reportedly effective for both acute ailments and for chronic, degenerative diseases. Unda remedies are intended for use in acute and chronic ailments that could benefit from optimizing excretory functions and enhancing detoxification pathways. Investigators are applying this treatment approach to FMS, a poorly understood chronic pain condition that is among the most common rheumatologic diagnoses in the United States.

Patients affected by FMS may exhibit a range of such symptoms including headache, sleep disturbance, mood disorders and irritable bowel syndrome. Researchers Dr. Carlo Calabrese and Dr. Dick Thom selected fibromyalgia syndrome as a widely occurring, refractory problem, which may be clinically responsive to the Unda remedies. Participants of the study receive treatment for one month using a fixed combination of three Unda remedies administered daily along with lifestyle exercises, followed by one month of an individualized combination of Unda remedies, and then one month of observation after treatment. The remedies are in combination with four behavioral instructions: increased water intake, dry skin brushing, deep breathing and time outdoors. Later studies will separate the effects of the behavioral interventions and non-specific treatment effects for future investigation.