Five-Minute Faculty Teaching Development: Live or Recorded, An Examination of Effectiveness

Principal Investigator: Denise Dallman, ND

Abstract: Faculty development and faculty teaching performance are areas of increasing interest by faculty and administrators (Jones, 2008; Markowitz, 2008; Trautmann, 2008). Programs have been described in the literature that appear to improve teaching effectiveness, as determined by the participants, but the programs lack resources, availability and flexibility (Muller, 2006).

The purpose of this study is to examine faculty perceptions of the effectiveness of a 5-minute faculty teaching development model. It will also compare perceptions of the effectiveness of live presentations as compared to recorded presentations. A total of 12 faculty development modules will be offered: six will be performed live, six will be shown via video. If modules are not able to be offered live due to cancelled faculty meetings or lack of opportunity to meet with faculty face-to-face, more modules may be offered via video. The modules will be implemented at 8 institutions with representation from healthcare professions such as pharmacy, medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, global health, etc. Several schools started the study in January of 2014 and completed a full year cycle. Due to the popularity and positive feedback, many of the schools have continued the program beyond the intended 12 months. NCNM will be off cycle from these other schools but that should not impact NCNM’s ability to implement the program, collect or evaluate the data.

The request of this exemption is research focused due to the multi-site and interprofessional assessment and evaluation of faculty teaching development. We will be compiling the data to compare across institutions and professions to strengthen the analysis. Please note, an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Request for Exemption will be submitted to each university IRB by each respective investigator.