Deanne Tibbitts, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deanne Tibbitts is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Graduate Studies and a Research Investigator at the Helfgott Research Institute. A Georgia native, Dr. Tibbitts completed her bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Cellular Biology at the University of Georgia before moving to Portland to pursue her doctoral work. Dr. Tibbitts completed her PhD in Molecular and Medical Genetics at Oregon Health and Science University, where she studied the molecular basis of leukemia and the application of targeted cancer therapeutics.

Dr. Tibbitts joined NUNM as full-time faculty in 2014, teaching in both the Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Research programs and serving as thesis advisor to students pursuing research in integrative oncology. Dr. Tibbitts is currently completing a clinical research fellowship in complementary and integrative health through the NCCIH-funded BRIDG T90/R90 program, a collaboration between NUNM and the University of Washington. Her research focuses on mind-body approaches to improving psychosocial outcomes, symptom management, and quality of life in cancer survivors.

Curriculum Vitae


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