Doug Hanes, PhD

Chair, Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research
Phone: 503.552.1741
Fax: 503.227.3750

Dr. Hanes completed a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Michigan in 1999.  Before joining NUNM, he served for three years as an Assistant Professor of mathematics at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, then for six years as Research Associate at the Legacy Clinical Research and Technology Center in Portland, Oregon.  His past research focused on vestibular (inner-ear) and balance systems and on the integration of sensory signals for human orientation and control of movement.

Since joining NUNM in early 2012, Dr. Hanes has contributed to a wide range of faculty- and student-led projects, contributing to study design and analysis of data.  He is an active member of the Scientific Review Committee, the Vanguard faculty program, and other college-wide committees.

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