Men’s Diet and Lifestyle Study


Are you a healthy man age 50-72?

Join a diet and lifestyle study!

NUNM is conducting a research study to assess the impact of a nine-week diet and lifestyle program on the quality of life, symptoms, and methylation-related biomarkers related to risk for chronic inflammation and cancer.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are a healthy male, age 50-72
  • Are willing to adhere to nine weeks of a dietary and lifestyle program, including specific nutrition and exercise guidelines
  • Do not have a diagnosis of heart, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Do not use nicotine, marijuana or cannabinoids (including CBD products), or recreational drugs/substances
  • Are willing to have your blood drawn three times and to fast overnight before blood draws
  • Are willing to provide three saliva samples
  • Can attend a screening visit and three study visits at the Helfgott Research Institute, located in Portland, OR

Join a diet and lifestyle study! Up to $450 in compensation by joining.

To learn more, please call 503.552.1777 or email.

This study is being conducted by Helfgott Research Institute at National University of Natural Medicine.

Study title: The effects of using a methylation diet and lifestyle on self-reported symptoms and methylation-related biomarkers in vivo.
IRB #: RB100217
Approval Date: 11.29.2017
Principal Investigators: Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH; and Kara Fitzgerald, ND

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