Metagenics: Influence of an Omega-3 SPM Supplement on Quality of Life

Principal Investigator: Morgan Schafer, MS

Background & Significance: One third of the America population is affected by chronic pain. The societal cost associated with chronic pain is up to $635 billion dollars annually. Prescribed pain medications may have negative side effects or cause addictions. Having alternative treatments that can reduce inflammation and the side effects associated with chronic pain may improve quality of life for millions of individuals afflicted with chronic pain.

Research Design & Methods: This prospective, non-randomized, open-label study will assess if taking an Omega-3 SPM™ softgel supplement for four weeks will change the quality of life in adults with chronic pain.  SPM™ softgels are a dietary supplement intended to reduce pain and inflammation.  Up to 40 men and women with chronic pain will be recruited.  Outcome measures will be collected at baseline, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks with a primary endpoint of 4 weeks. The primary outcomes of this pilot study include questionnaires to assess quality of life. Exploratory outcomes will assess safety and tolerability, changes in anxiety and depression as well as levels of pain, and blood markers associated with inflammation.