NUNM-CR: A Case Report Collection Tool

Principal Investigators: Kim Tippens, MSAOM, MPH and Ryan Bradley ND, MPH

Student Investigator: Melissa Barber

Abstract: The proposed feasibility study examines a novel tool to generate case reports to contribute to research and clinical practice. To our knowledge, there are no electronic data entry systems that prompt clinicians to include critical components of patient care to efficiently produce a case report. The CAse REport (CARE) guidelines provide a checklist of clinical elements to include. We are further applying these guidelines through an online case report data capture tool (National College of Natural Medicine-Case Report, or NCNM-CR), using the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) platform. NCNM-CR has the potential to provide a framework for the production and assessment of case reports.

The specific aim of the proposed project is to assess the feasibility of using NCNM-CR as a tool to help generate case reports among practicing healthcare providers. We define feasibility as usability (practitioner-perceived effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction) and acceptability among users. Our secondary aim is to assess health practitioner-perception of whether NCNM-CR (a) contributes to clinical reasoning skills and (b) serves as a tool for case-based learning. Our research team will recruit four to eight healthcare providers representing different health disciplines (naturopathic, Chinese and/or allopathic medicine) to test NCNM-CR for the production of case reports. We intend to: (1) recruit providers from NCNM faculty and the Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine meetings; (2) have participants answer a pre-questionnaire and be trained to use the NCNM-CR tool; (3) have participants identify patient cases of interest for their case reports; (4) have participants use NCNM-CR to write a case report while documenting comments they have, the time it takes to complete NCNM-CR, and to write a case report; (5) have participants answer a post-questionnaire and participate in a focus group meeting to assess the NCNM-CR tool; and (6) if participants complete a case report, assess the quality of case reports generated using NCNM-CR according to the CARE Guidelines.

We will explore whether NCNM-CR is a feasible tool (effective, efficient, satisfactory, and acceptable) for use by healthcare providers to generate case reports. Our research team seeks to contribute to current research and clinical practice by providing a tool designed to help all healthcare providers, including Complementary and Integrative Health providers, to produce high quality case reports.