Low-Cost CAM Models and Community Acupuncture Clinics

Within our current health care system, costs can be quite high, acting in a prohibitive manner for individuals seeking care. Surprisingly, there is not a large amount of research investigating low-cost models for CAM delivery systems. Dr. Kim Tippens and her student-based health disparities research group are combining efforts with Portland ’s Working Class Acupuncture clinic (WCA) to investigate low-cost models for delivery care. This collaboration with WCA seeks to characterize patient populations and assess patient use patterns of community acupuncture. Part of Dr. Tippens’ program of health services research is to explore existing low-cost CAM models, and through surveys and interviews, the research team hopes to capture patient attitudes about community acupuncture, why they choose to use it, and what other sources of care they receive. By assessing the low-cost WCA delivery mechanism, Dr. Tippens hopes to understand how these principles could apply to other CAM services in regards to providing high quality and accessible care.