Multichannel System for Measuring Skin Impedance at Acupuncture Points

Helfgott researcher Agatha Colbert, MD has teamed up with Dr. Adrian Larsen at Meridia Technology to design, develop and test a new technology that would measure and record skin impedance at numerous acupuncture points simultaneously. This 8-channel impedance measuring system could possibly help evaluate the electrophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture and test whether acupuncture points and acupuncture meridians are electrically connected. In order to conduct relevant experiments, a high-quality system that can reliably measure skin impedance at multiple sites over extended time periods is needed.

Our team has designed and built a single channel impedance AC measuring system that can reliably acquire record impedance data over one hour, calculate skin impedance, and store the data. The goal of the project is to and to determine the reliability of skin resistance and capacitance measurements using the 8-channel system in 30 healthy participants.

When tested and validated, this commercially available technology could serve as a diagnostic tool for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners worldwide, particularly for acupuncturists and homeopaths. The instrument will also be useful to investigators who are exploring the healing effects of electromagnetic fields. eventually develop the hardware, firmware and software for an automated 8-channel module prototype that will continuously measure skin resistance and capacitance simultaneously, at 4 acupuncture sites and 4 non-acupuncture sites, for up to 4 hours. This is a NIH/NCCAM funded (R43AT004134-01) study.