Cancer development and prognosis can be strongly influenced by nutrition, lifestyle, and the environment. Investigators at Helfgott seek to develop innovative, holistic, and more effective strategies to address cancer at the level of prevention and treatment. In addition to investigating immune-enhancing botanicals and therapies, Helfgott also researches effects of nutritional and mind-body therapies in relation to cancer.

A recent Helfgott study looked at how cruciferous vegetables can affect the genetic regulation of cervical cancer. In addition, Helfgott investigators are evaluating whether mind-body therapies like relaxation and visualization therapy (RVT) can influence cellular immunity; levels of stress, anxiety, and depression; quality of life; and levels of hormones in breast cancer patients.


Title: Secular Trends in Health-Related Quality of Life among Older Women with Breast Cancer, 1998-2013
Principle Investigator: Deanne Tibbitts, PhD
Student Investigator: Alex Speers