Acu-Magnet Therapy as an Adjunct to Usual Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes mellitus is a major health problem that affects millions of people and has no single cure. Blood sugar levels are abnormally high in people with diabetes. Lifestyle changes such as exercise, diet, and weight control can improve blood sugar levels. There is also some evidence in the acupuncture literature to suggest that magnets placed on ear acupuncture points may help lower blood sugar and delay some of the complications of diabetes.

The purpose of this study is to test whether magnets on ear acupuncture points can lower fasting blood sugar levels. This study will last for a total of 6 weeks. We will evaluate which of two types of magnets applied to acupuncture points on the ear, might lower fasting blood sugar levels. Participants will continue to take their regular medications and treatments for diabetes during the course of this study.

If we find that the use of magnets on ear acupuncture points helps to lower blood sugar in patients with diabetes, we will have enough preliminary evidence to apply for a National Institute of Health grant to study this treatment more fully.