Hormonal Controls, Hunger and Behavior in Obese Metabolic Syndrome Patients

This is a sub-study of CAMEO Project 2-Expectancy in the Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. Overweight and obesity present significant public health concerns because of the link with numerous chronic health conditions. The protein hormones leptin and ghrelin are being closely examined for their roles in satiety and metabolism.

The goal of this study is to determine if leptin and ghrelin levels influence compliance/adherence and response to dietary interventions due to their effects on appetite and satiety, and to observe the relationship between these hormones and ultimate weight loss in obese individuals with metabolic syndrome.

In order to observe changes in hormone levels, we will measure leptin and ghrelin levels in 75 obese men and women with metabolic syndrome before and after participating in a 12 week diet and exercise plan. Measures will be analyzed for change and compared with changes in weight as well as expectancy and adherence to the diet and exercise plan.