Personality and Health

Disease(s): Mind-Body Medicine

Ancient systems of health assessment regard the influence of mind and body on a continuum, and useful for predicting and treating specific health outcomes. Contemporary analyses of personality types have not measured influences of physical health on psychological status, or vice versa.

Our evaluation will attempt to draw correlations between personality types and specific health outcomes to meet three objectives: (1) to correlate multiple systems of assessment (2) to determine the reproducibility of predicting specific health outcomes by ancient methods of health assessment, and (3) to predict specific health outcomes based on personality type.

The methods being used are health history, SF36, Big Five Personality Inventory, Enneagram, Ayurveda, Chinese Astrology, and Western Astrology. Data will be collected via survey from 100 students at National University of Naturopathic Medicine (NUNM) and later from other area medical schools. Astrological readings are generated from participants birthdates. The results of this preliminary data will be used to explore the above mentioned objectives and determine possible relationships between personality traits and state of health. Later it will compare the personalities of individuals and the types of medicine they choose to pursue as their occupation.