Detoxification Diet

Detoxification diets are prevalent in Naturopathic medicine and are also gaining popularity in the mainstream. With environmental toxins becoming ubiquitious in our society, there is a perceived need to remove these from our body. Although the body naturally detoxifies as a daily process, we may not be able to physiologically remove these toxins without the aid of specialized diets to assist the body’s detoxification process.

Historically, naturopathic doctors have used detoxification diets to remove environmental toxins, identify food intolerances, address inflammation and prevent chronic, degenerative conditions. In recent years, the concept of detoxification diets have become trendy, and have provided a means for marketing schemes to widely promote and claim amazing health benefits, in particular weight loss.

Current scientific literature is unclear in determining the mechanisms involved in detoxification diets and there is little research establishing safety and efficacy, including indications and contraindications.

The objective of our detoxification study is to determine the overall affects of detoxification diets on many aspects of the body, and to further assess mechanisms, safety, and efficacy. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected in four pilot studies.