Andrew Erlandsen, ND

Department Chair, Nutrition

Andrew Erlandsen, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician and an associate professor at NUNM. A firm believer in Hippocrates’ injunction, “Let food be thy medicine,” Dr. Erlandsen is dedicated to sharing his passion for nutrition and the culinary arts. As the department chair of nutrition, he engages his deep interest in medical research alongside his hands-on role in NUNM’s teaching kitchen, educating students about the value of whole-food nutrition and cooking. Dr. Erlandsen has also long played a pivotal role in teaching NUNM’s Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) workshops. The FAME classes are a 12-week series of community-based nutrition educations and hands-on cooking classes. Dr. Erlandsen also maintains a private clinical practice in Beaverton, Oregon.