Jeni Johnstone, PhD

Research Investigator

Trained in clinical psychology, Dr. Johnstone is a clinician-researcher whose primary research interests are mental health interventions and moderators of treatment response, specifically for attention, mood, and anxiety in children and adults. She has studied complementary and integrative treatments including supplementation with multivitamin/minerals and mindfulness strategies. Dr. Johnstone has also examined childhood factors that impact depression treatment in adults. The implications of this research include identifying evidence-based treatments, as well as identifying potential risk and protective factors for treatment response. She is an Oregon-licensed Psychologist, and Marriage and Family Therapist, with experience working with a range of populations, conducting neuropsychological assessments to differentiate diagnoses, and providing individual, group and family treatment.
As the lead Primary Investigator, Dr. Johnstone initiated the North American clinical trial of a micronutrient formula at OHSU, The Ohio State (OSU) and at University of Lethbridge (U of L) in Alberta, Canada. She had previously been an investigator on a similar trial in New Zealand. She focuses on dietary supplements to use in children with ADHD, irritable mood, anxiety or stress.