Lita Buttolph, PhD, DSOM, MS

Research Coordinator

Prior to joining the research team at Helfgott, Dr. Buttolph pursued a career in ecology, receiving her BA in Biology and MS in Wildland Resources Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and her PhD in Rangeland Science from Utah State University, where she studied pastoral systems ecology in the Bolivian highlands. She worked for many years conducting research on the human impacts of natural resource management policies in the Pacific Northwest.
In 2013, she decided to pursue a second career in natural medicine, eventually receiving her doctor of science in Oriental medicine and masters in integrative medicine research from the National University of Natural Medicine. Her master’s thesis involved studying impact of qigong for people with multiple sclerosis. She currently conducts research on several studies including understanding the effects of lifestyle and self-care on health outcomes among complementary education medicine students (INCLD Health), studying the effectiveness of intravenous Vitamin C for Lyme disease patients, and studying the effects of natural herbs on dysmenorrhea and digestive health.
In addition to conducting research, Dr. Buttolph maintains a clinical practice as a licensed acupuncturist in southeast Portland.